Sensor Tags

Combining wireless RFID technology and advanced sensing capabilities into a rugged yet compact design, each GET Trakka Sensor Tag uniquely identifies individual GET components such as teeth, adapters, lip shrouds and side bars to enable real-time data acquisition by index position.

Embedded directly into a small recess inside each component, the wireless Sensor Tags are continuously monitored by the on-board Digger Receiver. In the event of a broken component an in-cab alarm immediately alerts the operator. Broken components continue to emit a signal, can be swiftly located, removed from the pit face or truck, enabling a quick return to production.

Additionally, parameters such as vibration, temperature, position, angle, active digging time, idle time, bucket scoops, GET change-out times and other valuable information is pre-processed in the Sensor Tag and transmitted to the Digger Receiver for further analysis.  These parameters enable individual component performance by index position as well as the overall digging efficiency and productivity to be accurately determined.

Built to withstand extremes of temperature, pressure, shock and vibration found at the mine digging face and with an active lifespan of 12 months, the sensors easily outlast all consumable wear components into which they are embedded.

A similar Sensor Tag with extended multi-year lifespan is available for external mounting on digger buckets, trucks and other equipment.

Key Features


The Digger Receiver combines intelligent data acquisition and processing modules into two shock proof enclosures with integral antennas. The receivers interrogate and obtain real-time wireless data transmitted by the embedded Sensor Tags fitted to the GET components, undertakes second level processing and transfers the data where necessary to the remote database server.  The digger receiver also provides a local digital output to the in-cab alarming module in the event of a GET component breakage.

All hardware is built to withstand the harsh conditions around mobile mining equipment and designed for quick installation and commissioning. The Receiver is mounted external to the operators cab and wired with industrial rated quick-connect power and communication cables for rapid installation. The receiver is designed to function accurately on all digger types including excavators, hydraulic and electric face shovels and wheeled loaders.

The system requires no calibration or complex set-up and is completely maintenance free.

A similar Receiver is available for installation on fixed equipment such as crushers.

Key Features


Robust and purpose built, the portable handheld device is designed for activating sensors and assists in locating broken GET components. The portable hand-held unit operates wirelessly with pre-installed software and is designed for use in the field by maintenance and production personnel.

The Portable Reader software is designed to perform the following standard functions;

The Receiver can search for all active tags or asleep tags within wireless range. Active tags can be read up to 50 metres away and asleep tags can be read up to 10 metres away. A re-chargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use.

Key Features

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