GET Breakage detection is just the beginning. Our Productivity Plus solution provides insights like never before!

High value digging and haulage data is captured by the network of wireless sensor tags. The Productivity Plus solution converts these vast data sets into actionable information for reporting against and optimising mine performance metrics.

Optimise your digging assets with real-time analysis & reporting.



Supply Chain

  • Bucket Scoops
  • Digger Utilisation
  • GET Breakage
  • GET Change Out Interval
  • GET Component Reliability
  • GET Usage
  • GET Vendor Metrics
  • High Impact Events
  • Machine Performance
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Mine & Plant Uptime
  • Operator Efficiency
  • Ore to Waste Ratio
  • Predicted Change Out
  • Temperature Profile
  • Truck Cycle Times
Instrumentation Analysis & Reporting Improve maintenancescheduling with reports on; Active digging time GET change out times High impact events GPS positioning MaintenanceOptimise MaintenanceActivities Improve GET supply and associated costswith reports on; GET component change out times & intervals Number of GET components used / digger / shift Vendor metrics Supply ChainStock & Consumption Increase up time with reports on; Component breakage Scoops/hour/shift Truck cycle times Mobile Machine Performance and Efficiency metrics ProductionMaximise AssetProduction The portable reader can be partnered with a high sensitivity antenna for locating lost GET. PortablesActivate & LocateGET Receivers can be fitted to diggers, crushers or anywhere data is required. ReceiversData Acquisition & Processing Sensor Tags can be fitted to any or all GET. The Multi-Year Sensor Tag can be fitted to trucks to provide valuable mine wide digging and haulage information. Sensor TagsWireless DataTransmission Designed to be completely modular, can befitted to one digger or mine/operation wide. GET BreakageStand-AloneSystem Immediate breakage alarm, no dangerous GET extractions. SafetyReduced Risk Exposure

We work with you, customising our system to fit your needs.

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