An intelligent blend of instrumentation and software, that seamlessly integrates RFID with advanced sensing technologies to track the real-time status of GET components for immediate breakage detection and alarming. The responsiveness of the solution generates an alarm within a single scoop and dump cycle.  This ensures that broken GET are rapidly located on the pit face or last scoop of truck, isolated and removed to prevent downstream damage and production loss.

Sensor Tags

Uniquely identified, wireless Sensor Tags combine RFID with various sensing technologies into a rugged yet compact design.  These compact tags embed directly into a small recess inside GET (such as teeth, adapters, lip shrouds and side bars), collect real-time digging activity information and wirelessly transmit to the Digger Receiver.

Digger Receivers

Advanced RFID technology and software enable the on-board Digger Receiver to obtain information from the Sensor Tags and continuously track and monitor each GET component.  Upon breakage, the Digger Receiver immediately triggers an alarm to the in-cab alarm module or operations control centre (or both) alerting the operator of the component breakage and enabling swift identification and removal of the broken component.

Portable Readers

Portable Readers activate embedded sensor tags and locate broken GET components. Broken components continue to transmit a unique signal, enabling rapid location with the Portable Reader, removal from the pit face or truck, and a quick return to production.


Scalable and flexible to adapt to your operational requirements.

In-cab alarming to alert the operator of a GET breakage event, an alarm interfaced to your Mine Management System, or both.  It’s your choice.

Tracking real-time GET status, immediate breakage alarms, every time
Production Benefits
  • Rapid return to production
  • Reduced contaminated ore
  • Efficiency and productivity
Safety Benefits
  • Breakage alarm
  • Reduced hours of in-pit exposure
  • No dangerous GET extractions in Crusher
Asset Benefits
  • Prevent crusher damage
  • Reduced bucket damage
  • Optimise Maintenance & GET usage
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