With a long history of innovation in the mining sector, we take a unique approach to solving complex mining problems.  When a long term client approached us with an ongoing and expensive GET (Ground Engaging Tools) breakage problem, we applied the same thinking.

We are bearing a huge cost every time an incident occurs, we need a solution to detect GET Breakages, and do so reliably despite our harsh mining environment.

Extensive research and consultation made it clear a completely innovative approach was needed. After five years of development and collaborative minesite testing we delivered the GET Trakka solution to the market.

But our solution goes beyond monitoring GET.

Not only does it provide immediate GET Breakage Detection and Alarming in harsh mining conditions, it also monitors other digger GET components, bucket usage and wear to significantly improve asset productivity, optimise maintenance schedules, reduce operational costs and a whole lot more.

Getting to this point we have had some special moments. In 2011 we were proud to be nominated as a finalist in the WA Innovator of the Year Award, and the Innovation in Mining awards. Another exciting time was receiving a grant from Commercialisation Australia.

We would be happy to meet with you to share more of our history, where we have come from and where we can go together.

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