Immediate breakage detection, reduced downtime, greater insight

Our solutions, tailored to your needs

Breakage Detection

GET Breakage Detection & Alarming

A comprehensive solution incorporating immediate breakage detection and in-cab alarming enables rapid component recovery and return to production.

Safety, reduced downtime, improved bottom line.

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Productivity Plus

GET Breakage Detection & Alarming
 + Productivity Enhancement Solution

GET Breakage Detection and Alarming + Real-time data acquired across the digging process is converted into reliable actionable information.

Know your operational efficiency, optimise your maintenance and maximise productivity of digger and haulage related processes.

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Modular & Scalable Mine Specific Solutions

Our technical expertise and productivity enhancing solutions tailored to your mine specific needs.

User friendly architecture to improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

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Immediate breakage detection,
less downtime, greater insight

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